Mission - Tommy The RV Medic


I became a mobile RV tech to help others avoid what happened to me in the past. Once an RV is taken into a dealer for repairs, they may keep it for several months as there is a shortage of RV techs. This allows me, as a mobile tech, the ability to repair or service a customer’s RV at their home, storage lot or at a RV Park. I am able to come to the customer, repair the RV and they can enjoy their RV again without it being in the shop for weeks or months at a time waiting to be repaired.


My mission is simple, I want to help people enjoy the RV experience as much as possible. During COVID-19, there were a huge increase with RV purchases which allowed people to get outdoors. However, I understand people were purchasing used RV's that may not have been kept up. This population may find themselves stranded. Which is where my mobile RV repair company can help. I travel to customers homes, storage lots or RV park, wherever they may be at to have their RV repaired or serviced. What makes us different is that we are a Mobile RV repair company that travels to where the RV is so that the customer does not have to move the RV. The do not need to break down camp to move their RV to be serviced.


Sugar Grove, IL 60554


(847) 226-3674


Monday–Sunday: 8:00a–5:00p After hour service is available