Faq - Tommy The RV Medic

Once a year or every 10,000 whichever comes first, RV axles need to have their bearings repacked with new grease. At that time the components of the axle can be inspected for abnormal wear or damage. The brakes will also be inspected during this service.

Twice a year sealant, which protects seams on the sides and roof of your RV, should be inspected for damaged, cracked or missing areas. Repairing these areas will prevent water intrusion in your RV. Water leaking into your RV can do damage that may not be seen until it causes permanent damage.

A grey water tank holds the dirty water that comes from your kitchen and bathroom sink, along with your shower. The black water tank holds the waste from your toilet. Some RV’s may not have a grey tank, in which case all waste water goes into the black tank.

A dealer may keep your RV for months before returning it to you with the repairs. You must also bring your RV to them. On the other hand, a mobile tech can get the repairs done faster as they will come to your RV at either your home, storage lot or campground.

You should turn your water off if you will be away from your RV for more than a few hours. This is due to unforeseen water leaks while you are away. This will minimize any water damage that may occur from a large leak.